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OLD LADAKH: A Himalayan Kingdom

Photographs from the Past, supplied by Eileen Hewson FRGS from various sources. Music from Tibet.

A Himalayan Journey

A Himalayan Journey: From Leh to Zanskar
Go while the day-star shineth
Go, while the heart is light
Go, ere your strength declineth
While every sense is bright
Let us probe the silent places
Let us seek what luck betide us
Let us journey to a lonely land I know
There’s a whisper on the night-wind
There’s a star agleam to guide us
And the wild is calling, calling…let us go

Poem compiled by Eileen Hewson FRGS from an old Moravian Church hymn and the “The Call of the Wild” by Robert Service

Pictures supplied by Eileen Hewson FRGS
Music is a Tibetan chant - Men-Lha, sung by Dechen Shak Dagsay
Video by Isabelle Hibbott

Memories of Ceylon

A journey into the past by Eileen Hewson of Genealogy Sri Lanka. Visit our website at www.genealogysrilanka.com

Indian & Irish Graveyards

Memorials of graveyards and cemeteries in India and Ireland. The video contains photographs taken by Eileen Hewson FRGS, of The Kabristan Archives, during her travels in India and Ireland recording memorial inscriptions.

The Falklands Islands - A land lost in time

The siren's call that haunts it's people who left and never returned.

Sunrise over Dhaulagiri

Dawn over Dhaulagiri - known as 'The Golden Mountain' - in Mustang, Nepal. Filmed in April 2018 by Raj Bist Regmi. Supplied by Eileen Hewson, FRGS.